K:KO / Keiko Kikkawa, a manga artist/ producer/project manager
Graduated Kyoto University of Art & Design. After studied modern art, information art, manga, and animation, I went to the Czech Republic to study classic animation.
Currently, I hold the exhibition and give the lecture/workshop to expand my art activities in many countries. And I’m also working in Poland as a producer/project manager to mediates the creative projects between Japan and Europe.I give the lecture and workshop at various events. The topics which I provide is about Japanese pop culture, Ways to build harmony with Japanese customers (Creative industry, Gaming industry, and IT industry). And I’m also able to run the workshop of drawing the manga. Please contact me if you need me to provide some art performance, lecture, or workshop at the event.

K:KO/吉川 慶子(きっかわ けいこ)漫画家/プロデューサー/クリエイティブプロジェクトマネージャー
イラスト、漫画、脚本の制作だけでなく、広告アニメやウェブサイト、アプリケーション開発等をヨーロッパの企業やフリーランサーにプロジェクトを仲介し、プロジェクトマネージャーとしてご提供するサービスも行っております。 クリエーションチームを編成して広告や映像の制作も可能です。 お気軽にご連絡ください。