Joint exhibitions “Eco-Fiction” with Media artist/Poet Kazuhito Matsumoto.

I had an exhibition with media artist/Poet Kazuhito Matsumoto at the art gallery Chakichi-an in Osaka. The new environment and people always give me great inspirations and ideas. I will continue to cherish and grow our encounter for Art × Networking.

Giving the lecture and get the interview at Pyrkon which is one of the biggest fantasy and sci-fi festival.

I’m honored to participate in the Pyrkon which is one of the biggest fantasy and sci-fi as a guest.
I had amazing experiences and found lots of things I still need to improve. And I got some inspirations which made me motivated to achieve the next dream.

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EXHIBITION: ARE YOU ME? -saga in manga linea- at Sway Gallery London

Thank you for coming for the Meet the artist event. I can’t thank enough for Sway gallery, everyone who supported and visited the exhibition🙇‍♀️ and I’m happy that most of the works were sold out!


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Solo exhibition in London!

I am having a solo exhibition in London!
Venue: Sway Gallery London
Dates: April 13th to May 8th

I am planning to be in London between April 11th and 14th.
Take your friends& family to the exhibition and tell me what you think!
4月13日から5月8日までロンドンのSway galleryで個展をさせていただくことになりました…!